Glass Skin

Structural Partition that feels like only glass, no vertical profiles in sight

Glass Skin is an office partition of superior performance. Conceptualized for high-end projects where robustness and minimalism are both required. 

It is a structural partition that gives the feeling that it is built only with glass, with no vertical profiles in sight. The Glass Skin was developed in order to enable an acoustic performance of 40 dB Rw and up to 49 dB Rw without compromising the aesthetics.


Floor & Ceiling Track

Glass Skin profile floor and ceiling track is 42.5 x 64.4mm. It is aluminum tracking with a 1.7mm thickness which includes 4x8mm adhesive.


The door has a thickness of 108mm which is created in an aluminum frame with two pieces of tempered glass. One piece is 8mm thick which is placed on the outside of the room and the second 6mm on the inside, both pieces of glass are coated in ceramic paint. Doors also receive double sealing rubber and an acoustic sealing brush to enhance performance.

Glass Modules

The male and female Glass Skin profile are each 54x33mm with a total thickness of 108mm. Thick aluminum of 1.5mm is used with 20×1 double sided adhesive 3M strip to accommodate the glass panels.


    Two glass panels with a space between them of 93.8mm. They are 6mm and 8mm tempered glass both pieces are glass receive a ceramic paint on its frame (RAL colour to define)

    Glass Skin Close Up
    Glass Skin Close Up
    Glass Skin Full view


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    Can Glass Skin be used alongside Glass Acoustic or PA 100 Opaque?

    Yes it can. We have connectors to make the connections. Either at a 180° or 90° angle.

    What finish options are available?

    We offer a wide range of finish options such as tempered or laminated glass with a composition of clear float or low iron. As well as premium glass options, Aluminum finish, and solid panel. We can cater to a custom finish options that meet décor requirements. 

    All available finish options can be seen here. 

    Can Line Systems be rearranged/reused after it has been installed to accommodate a modification to an office layout, if needed?
    All Line Systems are demountable, which means they can be relocated.

    Frameless systems such as Glass Acoustic and Glass Slim don’t have the same level of reusability as our modular systems (Glass Skin and PA 100 Opaque).

    Frameless systems have elements of the system that won’t be reusable after uninstalling, that in most cases new glass panels will have to be ordered. For our Modular systems almost 100% the the elements of the system are reusable after uninstalling.

    Based upon the project and set up, a full room can be disassembled and reassembled in hours, effortlessly.