Glass Slim

Enables space management with minimal modern interior design

A truly minimalistic office experience with uncharted options, all at an incredibly cost competitive price point.



Demountable partitions are composed of one 10, 12 or 16mm (3/8″, 1/2″ or 5/8″) piece of glass. This allows for total or partial glass blindness creating a total thickness of 50mm (2″).


    Opaque Doors are available with a total thickness of 40 or 50mm (1 1/2″ or 2″) thick. 10mm (3/8″) Single Glass Doors and WOD Glass Slim Doors are also available with the Glass Slim system. 


    Vertical and horizontal aluminum profiles with a connection between each panel which is achieved through a high transparency PETG profile.

    Floor & Ceiling

    Total view of 50mm (2″) of profile, anodized or RAL lacquered.

    Glass Slim Close up
    Glass Slim Close up


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    Can I use Glass Slim which has a 50mm (2") width with one of your other Partition Systems that have 108mm?
    For each project we try to come up with tailor made solutions whenever they are needed, such as this type of connection. This type of connection need to be analysed on a project-by-project basis, but most of the times it is possible with an made to measure aluminium tube to make the transition from a 50mm (2″) to a 108mm (4 1/4″) wide partition
    What finish options are available?

    We offer a wide range of finish options such as tempered or laminated glass with a composition of clear float or low iron. As well as premium glass options, aluminum finish, and solid panel. We can cater to a custom finish options that meet décor requirements.

    All available finish options can be seen here. 

    Can Line Systems be rearranged/reused after it has been installed to accommodate a modification to an office layout, if needed?

    All Line Systems are demountable, which means they can be relocated.

    Frameless systems such as Glass Acoustic and Glass Slim don’t have the same level of reusability as our modular systems (Glass Skin and PA 100 Opaque).

    Frameless systems have elements of the system that won’t be reusable after uninstalling, that in most cases new glass panels will have to be ordered. For our Modular systems almost 100% the the elements of the system are reusable after uninstalling.

    Based upon the project and set up, a full room can be disassembled and reassembled in hours, effortlessly.