PA 100

Vertical structures allow for a wide range of finishes for the perfect custom office

PA 100 is a modular demountable partition that is composed of double independent panels allowing access points throughout its length. The system was developed according to the principles of modern partitioning systems. It is a versatile structure that allows for a wide range of finish options including glass.   

It is the perfect solution for dynamic spaces.



Modular demountable partition is composed of double independent panels that allows access points throughout the length of the system. The total thickness of this product is 108mm (4 1/4″).

Floor & Ceiling View

Aluminum floor and ceiling track with a view of 3mm (1/8″).


Freestanding structure that is composed of vertical and horizontal elements that are anodized, lacquered aluminum or galvanized steel, depending on the project requirements.

    PA 100 Blinds
    PA 100
    PA 100

    PA 100 OPAQUE


    The panels are placed through a clipping system, allowing for an easy and quick installation. Space between each panel is 3 to 5mm (1/8″ to 13/64″) 

    Melamine 19mm (3/4″) panels with various finishes available (natural wood veneer or HPL) with a 3mm (1/8″) PVC edge banding. Acoustic insulation through 60mm (2 3/8″) mineral rock wool with a density of 40 kg/m³.

    Acoustic Insulation

    Certified by the Portuguese National Engineering Laboratory, with an acoustic insulation of 46 to 53 dB Rw

    PA 100 Glass


    Double glazed framed modules with glass of 4 or 6mm (3/16″ or 1/4″) . There is an interior space between the two panels of glass which allows for incorporation of blinds up to 80mm (3 1/8″) thick.

    Acoustic Insulation

    Certified by the Portuguese National Engineering Laboratory, with an acoustic insulation of 41 dB Rw


    Technical Details

    PA 100 Opaque Modulation Panels
    PA 100 Glass
    PA 100 GLASS


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    Can Glass Skin be used alongside Glass Acoustic or PA 100 Opaque?
    Yes it can. We have connectors to make all this type of connections, either at a 180º or 90º angle.
    What finish options are available?

    We offer a wide range of finish options such as tempered or laminated glass with a composition of clear float or low iron. As well as premium glass options, aluminum finish, and solid panel. We can cater to a custom finish options that meet décor requirements. 

    All available finish options can be seen here. 

    Is the hardware for Line Systems doors limited to the standard offering?
    No it isn’t. The standard hardware set for each door is a range of hardware that has been tested for each door that we can guarantee works. If a new piece of hardware is needed for a project, we can test it first to see if it is compatible with the door.

    Hardware tests take typically between 2 to 5 weeks and a physical sample will be required along with full AutoCAD and technical data.