W.O.D Glass Slim

Not your typical sliding door, designed to enhance the workplace. 

Workplace Optimization Doorset (W.O.D) is not a typical sliding door, it is a system with the goal of enhancing workplace optimization, by providing a functional space-saving door with both acoustics and aesthetics at its core. It was developed to integrate seamlessly with the Glass Slim U.


Compatible Glass

50mm (2″) Framed Single Glass Door: 10 or 12mm (3/8″ or 1/2″) Laminated / Tempered.

50mm (2″) Double Glass Door: 6 & 8mm (1/4″ & 5/16″) Tempered. 6mm (1/4″) Tempered and 8mm (5/16″) Tempered / Laminated.

Maximum Door Weight

Up to 125kg (25.56 lbs/sq ft)


Maximum Height: up to 3000mm (10′)
Maximum Width: *up to 1200mm (4′)


    1. 50mm Framed Single Glass Door: 10mm (3/8″) Glass = 39kg/m2 (7.97 lbs/sq ft) – 12mm (1/2″) Glass = 44kg/m2 (9 lbs/sq ft)
    2. 50mm (2″) Double Glazed Door = 43kg/m2 (8.8 lbs/sq ft)
    *Width depends on door height and weight ratio.


    Handle & Door Lock

    A broad set of handles is compatible with our 50mm (2″) Double Glazed and Framed Single Glazed Doors. However if a Door is specified with a lock we must use a narrow profile lock, thus the choice of handles becomes limited. To handles such as handle (Handle IN.07.297.D).

    Acoustic Drop Down Seal

    Our W.O.Ds are equipped with an innovative acoustic drop down seal, whose activation is done effortlessly when sliding the door to the closed position.