Co – Working Space in Arlington, Virginia



8,000+ Sq Ft.


Arlington, Virginia

Venture X – The first project in the USA completed with Line Systems North America. 

A flexible environment where freelancers and startups have an opportunity to grow their businesses and a location equipped for seasoned professionals with established brands from all over the world working in any capacity.

One of the latest co-working spaces by Venture X, it is over 8,000 square feet of Glass Slim and 73 WOD Glass Slim framed single glazed sliding doors. A fantastic project completed by Modern Door & Equipment –  Completed with 2 weeks production time!


In 2012 Venture X pioneered the creation of professional, high-tech, flexible environments by introducing workspace opportunities allowing clientele to focus on their core business without the distraction of office set up cost and maintenance. In 2016 Venture X began franchising their model, and now boasts over 40 locations in five countries around the world with many more on the way. Opening in early 2021, the Arlington, Virginia location exemplifies their high-quality brand encompassing flexible space, built-in amenities, and state of the art technology.

When designing this location Venture X and Interplan Architects endeavored to create a flexible modern vibe to meet the needs of a wide range of clientele. Helping to achieve this vision, Modern Door in collaboration with Line Systems installed over 1000 lineal feet of 10mm frosted glass office fronts, conference room walls, and a large feature wall that draws visitors to a striking lounge area when checking in.

Line systems, a large European manufacturer, recently expanded to North America bringing their stylish and functional demountable glass systems and showcased their Slim U product at Venture X’s Virginia location. While plans originally specified a 5mm glass product, Modern Door suggested a Line Systems product with thicker 10mm glass to drastically improve acoustic separation and stability while providing a strikingly improved aesthetic. In addition to more robust glass, the systems are fully framed which unlike competitors is virtually seamless. This creates better acoustical performance and provides the needed structure for the integration of electronic magnetic locking of each individual space. Venture X took this opportunity to maintain privacy and professionalism for the end user while maintaining their core values of aesthetics, technology, and flexibility.

The level of innovation in the Slim U product is astounding. Consisting of an easy to install demountable system drastically reducing time and installation cost, it also incorporates electronic access on each opening programmed with specific access creating a secure environment and simple day-to-day function.

Venture X, Interplan, Modern Door, and Line Systems created a professional environment incorporating the flexible function desired for a Venture X community workspace.

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